Draft of Presentation About Talent Developement

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Learning Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: April 8, 2011
1. Title - People at Work – presentation
2. Objectives

3. Term - What is learning and talent development?
CIPD’s definition of learning is ‘a self-directed, work-based process leading to increased adaptive capacity’. Talent management processes aim to ensure that those who are identified with potential receive the right experience and learn the skills required to progress. Talent development implies a longer process of learning, acquiring skills or knowledge by different means such as training, coaching, formal and informal interventions, education or planned experience. It can be structured by human resource development (HRD) professionals, or created as a personal plan.

4. Why is learning and talent development important for organisations? It is imperative for organisations competing in a rapidly changing world to have a continuous learning and talent approach. Employees need to be able to continue learning and adapting their capabilities. By looking ahead to define requirements and initiate effective learning interventions in good time, organisations can stay ahead of change. Each organisation needs to understand their particular situation and develop a learning and development plan that aligns with their business imperatives. The starting point will usually be an organisation’s strategic plan. By specifying what will need to be produced in the future, it is possible to understand what skills and competences staff will need. Two processes follow – the identification of training needs, and the production of a talent development plan: see our factsheets on identifying learning needs. learning and talent development strategy and talent management. Needs should be identified at different levels – for the organisation as a whole, for departments or teams, for individuals, followed by a process of prioritisation to identify which are the most urgent in terms of their likely effect on profitability or organisational effectiveness, compared to...
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