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Topics: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, New Testament, Old Testament Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Inleiding Browning:

Elizabeth Barrett Browning was an English writer in the early Victorian era. She was born in 1806 in Durham, England and was the first in her family born in England in over 200 years. The Barretts had lived in Jamaica for a long time and had owned sugar plantations and relied on slave labour (to which Elizabeth was very much opposed). Elizabeth was educated at home and had read a lot at a very young age. Political and social themes embody Elizabeth's work. In her poetry she also addressed the oppression of the Italians by the Austrians, the child labor mines and mills of England, and slavery, among other social injustices. This decreased her popularity but she was still heard and recognized in Europe. The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim’s Point first appeared in Boston, in the Liberty Bell dated 1848. The Liberty Bell was an book which was annually published and sold at the National Anti-Slavery Bazaan, a fund-raising event organized by a committee of female abolitionists headed by Maria Weston Chapman.

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Structure, importance of the past, treatment of time (net na rememory)

Rememory serves as a literary strategy to introduce flashbacks into the story. The main story line sets up a linear progressive chronology but is often interrupted, made more complex by rememory. (Ferguson 112) Mae G. Henderson states: “”rememory,” it seems, is something that possesses (or haunts) one rather than something that one possesses. It is, in fact, that which makes the past part of one’s present.” (86)

A few months after Beloved was published, Toni Morrison stated: “We live in a land where the past is always erased and America is the innocent future in which immigrants can come and start over, where the slate is clean. The past is absent or it’s romanticized. This culture doesn’t encourage dwelling on, let alone come to terms with, the truth about the past....
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