Dracula vs the Fall of the House of Usher

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic fiction, Dracula Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Dracula vs. The Fall of the House of Usher
In my life I have read many books. I have never really taken the time to notice any particular styles or genres except for fiction and nonfiction. That was until I read my first gothic short story. The power the writers use to describe every detail and how dark they wrote is very fascinating to me. When I read Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” and Bram Stokers’ “Dracula” I fell in love. These books are both famous and are for a good reason. In these books they both have death, ruined castles or manors, and a death like state.

In Gothic literature death is a very common theme. I think this is because what the gothic style is used in. Generally horror stories make up most of the gothic genre. In Dracula many innocent people died in the pursuit of Dracula’s demise. All of those deaths made me dislike Dracula a little bit more. When the Wives were killed I was cheering in my head. When the moment finally had come, and Dracula was slain, I was extremely happy. I think Brim wrote this novel so that the audience would have one more grudge against Dracula So that when he finally chose to kill him it was as if a weight was lifted off of the reader’s shoulders. In Poe’s story he hinted that Madeline was still alive so you were almost trying to scream at Roderick “don’t burry her!” In the end when Madeline came back and Roderick died of fear it was not to much of surprise. I did not feel that he should have died that way.

Gothic literature has many more characteristics such as ruined castles or mansions. I feel this is because this setting gives me an initial feeling of eeriness that most gothic literature has. In Dracula when Jonathon first arrives at the house. He is welcomed by a large castle with a gloomy feel to it. At this point I felt that something was wrong just by the way Brim described the house. In Poe’s story the effect is even stronger as the reader is invited into a crumbling mansion which...
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