Dracula vs Blade

Topics: Vampire, Victorian era, Blade: Trinity Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Essay – The Consequence Of Modernity

The context of a point of time in history greatly influences an author’s idea to create a story, and for someone else to evolve them. Events occurring within society and the way people perceive other’s at a time also contributes majorly to the development of modernity. Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’ and David Goyer’s film ‘Blade Trinity’ contrast significantly as a result of difference in context.

Weaponry had developed immensely over the two stories to cater for the advancements from one classic vampire to a fresh, modern, powerful one. The story of ‘Dracula’, set in Victorian times, consists of the simple, almost primitive weaponry, particularly ones of a superstitious and religious value. For example, Holy Water, Church Wafers, garlic and crucifixes were used mostly to ward off Dracula, but the one weapon to defeat him was a Bowie Knife, driven through the heart, causing his body to crumble into a pile of dust. These weapons used were suited to the times the novel was set in, and were designed to be a match for the current Dracula’s capabilities. An incredible contrast was cast between the weaponry in both texts, as ‘Blade Trinity’ evidently expressed the advancements of technology through the use of several variations of machine guns, assault rifles and pistols. Not only gun machinery was used, but also weapon ideas created for the movie under the category of ‘Nightstalker armoury’ such as laser bows and arrows, electronic pistols, and most famously known for destroying the modern-day vampire race, the Daystar Serum. This use of developed technology from Stocker’s novel to Goyer’s film created the effect of updated aspects to suit the change of attitudes in society. The intention behind these noticeable advancements of weaponry was to assist the technology to fit appropriately with the increasingly powerful capabilities of ‘Blade Trinity’s’ Drake. The acceptance and tolerance of violence within society would have also...
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