Dracula: Narrated by Different Characters

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Dracula- Told by Different Characters

By Eva Serrano Reisner

I step into the castle,
Fooled by hospitality.
Thinking that this man,
Who is standing next to me
Is a gentleman.
Then I see that this man is not human.
His smile with pointed teeth,
His lips that redden,
Every time I see him.
One day I saw too much.
I attacked this man but,
It didn't so much,
As give him a scratch.
I wake up in a hospital,
Dazed and confused.
Oh, where is my beautiful
fiancé? -Jonathan Harker
I receive a letter in the mail,
From a hospital in the west.
My Jonathan, oh, he is pale,
From shock!
I must go to him now.
I am sorry my friends, I have to leave.
Someway, somehow,
I shall come back. -Mina Murray
Oh my, I feel so tired, the,
Doctor says he does not know,
So he will telegram his mentor and he,
Shall find out what is wrong with me.
Oh good! he’s here what does he say?
Why is he giving me a,
Garlic flower bouquet,
To wear around my neck?
Oh well, they bring me,
Comfort. They help me,
Sleep without dreams,
Of pain.-Lucy Westenra
We have to hurry!
If we are late she will die!
Come now John, we shall scurry,
to her house.
The door! It is locked! We will,
Have to break in.
My God! She has been killed,
By a vampire.
No, wait, she is vampire.
We must destroy her,
Arthur, you’re her admirer,
Will you let me destroy her?
We shall drive a stake through her,
Heart and cut off her head and,
Stuff her head with flowers
Of garlic.
Now let us find the man who,
Made her into a vampire.
Let’s go and find some clues,
To find him, Dracula.-Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
And so we found the beast,
And we killed him for good.
Finally the Count is deceased. -Jonathan Harker
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