Dr. W Edwards Deming

Topics: W. Edwards Deming, Walter A. Shewhart, Control chart Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Dr. W. Edwards Deming was a well respected man because of his philosophy of management. He viewed management as a tool for success in any organization. Dr. Deming was an expert statistician and during World War II he helped the United States in its efforts to improve the quality of war materials. After World War II, Dr. Deming was invited by Japan to help rebuild. Japan had this reputation of producing cheap imitation products. Through the years and many visits by Dr. Deming, Japan was able to produce quality products. He is highly respected in Japan and respected also in the United States. Dr. Deming views on management is still understood and still used today.

For everyone to gain and win, Dr. Deming believed that optimization of the system is key. The system of the organization will eventually fail if people are being selfish and only pursuing personal goals. Do what is best for the system as a whole and it may bring success in the long run. This notion contrasts with Taylor and The Mother of Social Responsibility, Mary Parker Follet who believe in “zero sum game”. They believed that one must fail or lose something in order for someone to gain. This is why Dr. Deming stands by the fact that employees should not be blamed for the failure of a firm but blame should be cast upon the system. If blame wants to be cast to an individual, blame the person who came up with the system. Managers are supposed to manage the system. Dr. Edward Deming believed that ranking is not good. Although it may give personal satisfaction to who so ever achieved the desired goal but in the end, everyone will suffer. With ranking being around for a very long time and used by many organization, a lot of individuals has been suffering according to Dr. Deming. Individual output has been more of the focus than the system. The individual should be judged by the contribution than by the individual performance. Ranking is what is done in a video game. Management and the company is not a...
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