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Topics: Agriculture, Fruit, Kilogram Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: January 5, 2014
: 2 Bags uria for one acre @ Rs. 300(approximately) per bag. Sprinkling 10 bags * 300= Rs.3, 000
Sprinkling (as required by plants)= Rs.4, 500
8) Names of suppliers : Mahaphed and other well known
Companies in Amalner city who have the stock of seeds, fertilizers, medicines and all required raw material.
Labour Charges 1) Tractor driver 7,200.00
(Rs.500-600/- per month)
2)Guard(Security) 12,000.00
(Rs.1000/- per.month.)
3)Labour Charges (Rs.3500/-pm) 42,000.00
(for workers called for help)
4)Labour Charges for Bullack 18,000.00
cartman Rs.1500 pm
Other expenditure(e.g. electricity,transportation,etc.) 10,000.00

12)Raw material :

Sr.NameRate per K.G.Yearly PurchasingCost
1.JawarRs. 100 per bag6 bags600.00
2.UdidRs. 20 per Kg.5 Kg.100.00
3.moongRs. 20 per Kg.5 Kg.100.00
4.ToorRs. 20 per Kg.3 Kg. 60.00
5.ChawaliRs. 10 per Kg.2 Kg. 20.00
6.TilliRs. 30 per Kg.2 Kg. 60.00
7.Fruit production 10 plants Rs. 320 per acre. 1600.00
8.Green Vegetables :
Ladies fingerRs. 12001 Kg.1200.00
9.GarlicRs.253 Kg.75.00
Approximate expenditure for raw material(3000-6000) 3815.00 Depending on the type of crop & seeds
TOTAL 1,00,515

The owner of this project is Matimand Vidyarthi Shikshan Mandal , some directors of the institution are Agriculturist as such they know the procedure to be adopted for field work.
Also some of the teaching staff being agriculturist, they also are well known of the farming.
To plough the Agriculture land and to sow the seeds and to get production.
There being well in the field ample of water supply is made and as such the production is during whole year.
If agricultural production (crops) is of High quality...
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