Dr. M Montessori Said That the Child Develops Himself by Living and Wrote About It Using the Term “the Secret of Childhood.” Describe What She Meant by That.

Topics: Digestion, Absorption, Mind Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: August 11, 2012
The child is believed to hold a secret. After much research, this secret is the potentials that a child is naturally born with. The child is known to be a spiritual embryo, possessing qualities that are not visible at birth, which would help him build himself. These hidden potentials allows the child to reveal himself through the process of development, and hence, able to self-construct himself through his fullest potentials. There are two aids that assist in attaining a child’s full potentials. They are the internal and external aids. The internal aids are what the child has within himself. Upon birth, the child is born with an absorbent mind that is unconscious until the age of 3. The child here absorbs everything in his environment without filtering it. There is no physical, emotional or mental control here. From 3-6 years old, the child becomes conscious of the information he has absorbed and is absorbing, but he is able to sort, classify and put it in order in his mind. The child also has what is called the “Sensitive periods”. The sensitive periods are the blocks of time in a child’s life when he is absorbed with one characteristic of the environment. Children are able to acquire certain abilities with ease. During this phase, a function can be more perfectly established. The child here needs order in the environment and uses his five senses to learn. His movements are co-ordinated, there is a development of language, a fascination of minute details of objects and a time of social interest. This is a very important stage and if the child is not assisted, this natural opportunity for conquest would be lost, for this period is only seen in a child. The child also has 8 pre-determined psychic patterns. These are also known as nebulae. These 8 potentials are the most crucial among the rest. It is the main component, the main focus. The secret of the child lies heavily in these 8 laws of natural development. This includes the law of work, law of...
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