Dr.Scholls Marketing Plan

Topics: High-heeled footwear, Footwear, Heel Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Since entering the market in 2005, Dr.Scholls® insoles For HerTM was created to ease the discomfort many women experience from their shoes, specifically high heels. The product was originally intended to focus on older women who suffered from foot problems. Only recently has the For HerTM line been shifted to attract the younger demographics (ages 18-50). The types of women who will purchase products from the Dr. Scholl’s® For HerTM line tend to be women who are into the latest shoe fashions and are attracted to a variety of styles. The past 5 years, the women’s shoe industry has seen an increase in sky-high heels. Designers are adding more inches to many of their high heels. Sky-high heels are generally tended to attract women of a younger demographic (ages 18-35). Although these sky-highs are the latest trend, many of these shoes lack comfort. Not to mention the medical implications that can surface from wearing them for long periods of time. Many women, especially younger women, who enjoy purchasing fashionable shoes, will sacrifice comfort just for style. Increasing the awareness of this product will give women the opportunity to wear their shoes longer without discomfort. While it is said that higher price does not always guarantee quality, when it comes to women’s shoes many times the more expensive shoe brands are in fact more comfortable that those shoes on the cheaper end. Young women between the ages of 18 to 35 find themselves either in college or beginning their careers. Which means that they may not be able purchase the more expensive brands. Many young women find themselves shopping at lower priced shoe stores like Traffic and Forever XXI. These shoes although fashionable lack quality and comfort. For HerTM insoles would be the perfect solution for the younger female generation.

Dr.Scholls® insoles For HerTM provide comfort for women who wear high-heeled shoes for long periods of...
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