Dr. Scarpa

Topics: Thought, Human, Morality Pages: 4 (1786 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Maggie Scarpa
7th Period
English 3 Honors
Wealth Variables in Society
In society, money and wealth have many diverse effects regarding to personal integrity, and within writing, copious amounts of literary devices can present various ways to show many relationships between what money can do to personal ethics. Between the pages of the novel Tortilla Curtain, written by T.C Boyle, figurative language and irony convey that when a person has an abundant amount of wealth, the more likely they tend to change their personal morals and ethics to fit what the society thinks is right. In the pages of the novel The House of Mirth, written by Edith Wharton, the point-of-view and diction help show when a person is less than financially successful, the desire for more money leads them to acquire the morals of what the society as a whole thinks. In Tortilla Curtain, the use of figurative language helps convey that wealth can influence people to change their morals to mirror the community’s morals. Following the fire on Thanksgiving that the Mexican immigrant, Candido, started, Kyra goes to check on a house she was trying to sell, and finds it in ruins. She subsequently scapegoats the fire to the immigrants, assuming that they are illegal, the proceeding to think that they were “[s]eaking across the border, freeloading on welfare…they were like barbarians outside the gates of Rome”(311). She was comparing the “illegal” immigrants to the barbarians because she thought of the Mexicans as the lesser humans, just as the Romans thought the barbarians were the lesser humans. The comparison shows that Kyra does not think that the community she lives in is a free community, because there would not be a gate on something that is free, freedom is not exclusive. Another way figurative language shows that more wealth can lead to no personal morals is right after Dominick and Delaney were talking about how the labor exchange, the main place of revenue for the...
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