Dr. Rizal: Epitome of the Filipino People

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Dr, Jose Rizal: The true epitome of the Filipino People

I just remembered last week that my friend sent a link regarding Rizal’s proclamation as a hero. I was very shocked at what I read because of the statement that Rizal isn’t actually explicitly proclaimed officially as a National Hero. It contradicts with what I have learned for the past few years all the way from the primary school up to present. “Even Jose Rizal, considered as the greatest among the Filipino heroes, was not explicitly proclaimed as a national hero. The position he now holds in Philippine history is a tribute to the continued veneration or acclamation of the people in recognition of his contribution to the significant social transformations that took place in our country.”

This statement was from a government website, www.congress.com.ph, and I believe that this of course was legit. It may have brought me confusion regarding the proclamation but it did not lessen my feelings of admiring Rizal’s courage. I wasn’t really that of a person that you’d call a “fan” but I admire how he did his things during his time.

Beforehand, I was literally awed by the whole existence of Jose Rizal. He suffered hard in the hands of the Spanish church and government but he never gave up with his aspirations for the benefit of his land and its people. During his time of birth there have been numerous events, international and native, which happened to serve as an influence in Rizal’s developing philosophies. These events made him become a strong public figure.

He surely has touched the hearts of the Filipinos which made him become an “epitome” of Filipino Nationalism. But why is he the selected one to represent the Filipinos? I have read some articles about the Rizal VS Bonifacio issue over which is fit for the description of being a National Hero. They said that Rizal is an American-sponsored hero wherein he promoted a peaceful and intellectual way to revolt against that maltreatment of the...
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