Dr. Perry Case

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  • Published : April 1, 2011
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Case Analysis: Dr. Jack Perry, D.D.S.

Dr. Jack Perry had a meeting with one of his employees who suggested that there were several problems in the office. Some of the problems were low morale among the staff, lack of motivation to grow the business, filling cancellations, following up on collections, and engaging in cross-sell procedures. Dr. Perry had noticed these problems previously but felt unsure about his personnel and business management skills. Using his notes from a presentation made by a business consultant at a dental conference, he has to decide how to act in order to address these problems. This paper will attempt to analyze some of the problems and offer alternatives and a solution. Background

Dr. Perry was an owner and operator of a dental practice in a small town in Ontario, Canada. He graduated at the top of his class from dental school and bought a dental practice in a small town. Dr. Perry’s office has six employees. There are two part-time receptionists who are paid eighteen dollars an hour and are in charge of booking patients, filling cancellations, collecting accounts receivables, and making sure patients are scheduled for their follow up appointments. There are two full-time hygienists who are paid thirty-one dollars an hour and are in charge of teeth cleaning, providing education to the patients, and identifying any dental problems that need to be brought to the doctor’s attention. There are two assistants, one full-time and one part-time. The full-time assistant is paid nineteen dollars an hour and the part-time assistant, who is a local student, is paid eleven dollars an hour. Perry’s dental practice is located in a small town in Cromwell, Ontario where the population is around three thousand.

The business is not especially at risk of failing mainly because of the fact that there is not any real competition in Cromwell where there are only three other dentists in the town and the business is growing at a rate of fifteen percent annually. Dr. Perry is offering competitive salaries to the employees. The employees are given three paid weeks of holiday vacations and they also are awarded cash bonuses at their annual staff party for recognition of achievement. The job provides for flexibility in the sense that the employees can take off anytime as long as they can get someone to cover their shift. These all seem to contribute to an ideal work environment by most standards but there still seems to be some problems that are keeping the employees’ morale low. It seems that Dr. Perry’s main goal is to grow the business but there are problems within the organization that are slowing down the growth of the business. As stated earlier, one day he had a conversation with one of his workers who suggested to him that there were problems within the office. Some of the issues the employee pointed out were low morale among the workers, lack of motivation to increase the business revenues, filling cancellations, following up on collections, and engaging in cross-sell procedures. Dr. Perry had also noticed these problems himself in the past although he was not very confident about his ability to manage the business. Dr. Perry has to decide how to solve these problems within the business. Problems

One problem that Dr. Perry has is that the staff has a low level of morale. Dr. Perry needs to figure out a way to motivate his staff members and also increase the growth of the business. Dr. Perry is finding it very challenging to deal with the situation because he is not very confident in his ability to manage people. He feels that his skills in that area are lacking. He admits that he never had any formal education to successfully manage people. There is also an issue of employee engagement. There is a lack of clarity in the organization’s vision. Dr. Perry has to be able to express the company’s vision and the roles of the employees as it relates to that vision. Dr. Perry...
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