Dr. Patricia E. Bath

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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Dr. Patricia E. Bath 1

Dr. Patricia E. Bath

Jaiel Omari

Kaplan University

PU120: Introduction to Public Health

Professor Christina Robinson


Dr. Patricia E. Bath 2

I. The world has literally been given new vision because of the invention, efforts and passion

of Dr. Patricia E. Bath for wanting people to receiving fair and balance treatment when it

comes to medical care.

II. According to history Dr. Patricia E. Bath was the first African American woman to get a

Patent for a medical device invented in 1988. Dr. Bath invented a laser that removed


A. Dr. Patricia E. Bath affected the 20th and 21st century with her research and her incredible


B. Dr. Patricia E. Bath worked and served in communities that were marginalized by society.

She worked and lived in Harlem, and Washington D.C. living and working in these

communities really motivated her to change what she saw was not right as far as how people

in these communities were getting treated from a medical prospective.

III. The public health endeavor Dr. Patricia E. Bath had a major role in was treating blindness in

the African American community.

A. The reason Dr. Patricia E. Bath acted for change is because she noticed while working in

poor communities mainly urban African American communities there was a high rate of

cataracts and blindness amongst the people in that community and in the more upscale

community she worked in there wasn’t that problem with blindness from cataracts.

B. She acted by researching ways to fix the problem of cataracts and blindness.

IV. The challenges that Dr. Patricia E. Bath faced were racism, sexism and classism in tackling

Dr. Patricia E. Bath 3

this problem that faced the poor and marginalized in America.

V. The steps that the good Doctor had taken to make positive medical changes were to create

a laser that removed cataracts and she also set up organizations to help certain

communities get better treatment and education from the medical community and she also

founded the American Institute for Prevention of Blindness and is the president of the

VI. The efforts of the Doctor have change the way the world treats and prevents blindness, her

efforts also have help set the standards of how doctors could be social activists.

VII. The invention that the doctor made had and that is still being used continues to have a

major impact here in the states and globally is great because people who would have

suffered a life of pain because of cataracts and possible blindness have been given the

means to reverse their ugly fate and live a more productive and healthy life.

VIII. The bottom line is not matter what you lot in life just happens to be you can change it for

the better with good family support, faith in yourself and getting a good education and as

the old saying goes it only takes one soul to change the world for the better and Dr.

Patricia E. Bath is one of those people helping the world see...
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