Dr. Martin Luther King; a Dream Come True?

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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A Dream Come True?
During the Civil Rights Movement, a man named name Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped up as a leader in order to help end racial segregation. During this time and the many years before it, African Americans suffered greatly. Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech made a huge turning point in the Civil Rights Movement and opened the door to equality. On August 28, 1963, King gives his speech for freedom. He begins by stating the emancipation of the slaves, issued by Abraham Lincoln and mentions that blacks are still not free. He is very persuasive and passionate while also being aggressive and confrontational. King, along with his supporters, demands a fast and radical change rather than a slow process. Although demanding, King is a very peaceful person and hopes to obtain equality through non-violent actions. His use of Ghanaian style protest proved to be the most humble and effective approach. He knows that fighting violence with violence will only create an endless cycle of fighting, cruelty, and suffering. After stating his demands, he moves on to what many people would call the most memorable part of the speech, which is his “I have a dream” part. In that part he laid out his vision and hopes for the Civil Rights movement. The ultimate message from his speech is equality among all people not just African Americans. Forty-nine years has passed since this legendary speech, which begs the question; Did Dr. King’s dreams come true? This is not a perfect world and there will always be some sort of conflict or imperfection when it comes to true equality, but that being said, I think that his dream has come true. His dream was that people would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character; that segregation would end; and that all men, women, and children could live as free human beings. In some ways, Dr. King’s dream has come true. African American students can go to schools with white students, they can all eat...
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