Dr. Jose Rizal

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| Lesson Planning| |

Free Guides and Templates for Creating Lesson Plans - Social Studies Worksheets - Graphic Organizers - Attendance Forms|



Printable Lesson Plan Forms|


Lesson Plans: Blank Standard Lesson Plan Sheet to Print (PDF File): Long Version|


Lesson Plans: Blank Standard Lesson Plan Sheet to Print (PDF File): Short Version|


Parts of a Formal Lesson Plan|



* Name of the teacher. * Name of the class, course, or subject. * Grade level. * Topic (textbook pages, lesson number, unit). * Time allotment.|

Materials Needed|

* Do not include standard classroom equipment (e.g., chalkboard). * Include things such as books, colored pencils, PowerPoint presentation, handouts, etc.|


* District, state, and national standards (whatever is applicable at the school). * Long-term objectives (describe the lesson as part of a larger idea, such as a one-day lesson on Louis XIV that contributes to understanding the chapter concept on the growth of absolute monarchy). * Short-term (lesson) objectives: Measurable and specific, phrased in terms of "the student will..."|


* Introduction: Start with a hook (an attention-getter) to introduce the lesson.  This should be understandable and relatable, and should activate prior knowledge. * Instruction: How will the goals of the lesson be reached?  What will the students do to reach the objectives?  Will the students complete a learning task in teams?  Will the students take notes from a lecture? * Closing: Students demonstrate that they followed the instructions.  This includes anything from sharing teamwork results, to review questions over a lecture or PowerPoint.|

Independent Work|

* This includes follow-up work done in class or as homework. * Any work assigned should be an extension of the in-class lesson.  Ideally, it simultaneously reinforces...
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