Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Essay

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Thought, Robert Louis Stevenson Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Stevenson shows a sense of humour throughout his novel “strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” by exploring such elements as the dark isolated atmosphere, a strong sense of fear and a presence of evil. He exploits each individual gothic convention by using several devices and techniques to put the reader into a state of chaos. In Stevenson’s book “Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” he explores the convention of a dark isolated atmosphere really well by inviting us into his fantasy world filled with surprises. He is very descriptive and he opens up the situation by adding fear. In one scene, he uses repetition to add a sense of mystery. “Street after street, Street after street.” The effect of this clever technique is that it puts the reader into a state where they can experience what the character is feeling and in the case it tells the reader about how much streets are being passes. Stevenson also isolates the reader by putting the audience’s state of mind in a scary, dark and dull environment. A good example is when he uses such phrases such as “a black winter morning” and “the end of the world” to emphasise his message throughout his story. By doing this, he can isolate the reader and treat him with a digestible world of darkness and sorrow. It can open up the imagination of the reader and make them think about it over and over again making it memorable. He also explores the idea of a presence of evil quite well in his novel by going into the characters mind and describing how he feels without “telling us”. In one scene, a lawyer is unable to sleep due to all the disturbances in his sleep. “And still the figure” had no face by which he might know it, even in his dreams.” By inviting us into his thoughts, his mind, it makes up put ourselves on the bandwagon and take the ride in his shoes of the character to make it more suspenseful. This also cleverly shows not only a presence of evil of the character, but even his thoughts. Overall, Stevenson creates a...
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