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We are living in a world full of changes in business affect organizations at different levels and grades either big or small organizations. The decisive factor for any organization to keep high performance is how to deal with this change. Changes may be planned or emergent, opportunity or threat, radical or superficial and the only constant fact for any change is "it causes change" and the effect depends on how you manage this change to achieve your objectives.

Managing Change in Organization

During this part we will describe a significant organizational change happened during the last two years to one organizations considered as market leaders in its market and business category, we will show what were the external and internal drivers for this change and what were the objectives of the company during making this change. This company faced a significant change that can disturb any company but as they have a good change management strategy and clear objectives they managed this change in a good way through many models and techniques, sure they should do more and more to achieve the global objectives and maintain this great name as a global market leader we will discuss the case of Mead Johnson Nutrition Company. Mead Johnson is one of global market leaders in infants' formulas and children nutrition. It offers more than 70 brands in more than 50 countries worldwide. It is founded at 1900 in Jersey City (USA) by Edward Mead Johnson after he left Johnson & Johnson Company which he co-founded with his brother.1 It is mission is to create nutritional brands and products trusted to give infants and children the best start in life. The company's (Enfa) family products including Enfamil® is the world leading franchise in pediatric nutrition1. They spent millions of dollars for research and development to produce new brands match and meet human nutritional needs during infancy and adulthood. One of the clearest examples that show their interest of having science-based company is the development of Pediatric Nutritional Institute in two countries and broke the earth for the third one. 1According to vice-president, investor relation presentation published in August 2011 and data he showed from the annual report of Nielsen/IMS 2010 Mead Johnson is ranked number one globally worldwide as focused company on pediatric nutrition for infants aged 0-12 Months and after it Abbott then Nestle'. For children after one year old it is considered as the 2nd one after Nestle' then DANONE. Bristol-Myers acquired Mead Johnson Company at 1967 as a market leader in nutrition industry worldwide. The Enfamil brand grew to be recognized worldwide for its leadership. Now we are to some extent familiar with this company and its brands portfolio as a market leader company. Bristol-Myers Squibb owns 170,000,000 shares of Mead Johnson class A and class B common stock, representing approximately 97.5% of the voting interest and 83.1% of the economic interest in Mead Johnson.3 The significant change happened at November 2009 when Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that it will split off its holdings in Mead Johnson Nutrition Company. The company expects the split-off to be a tax-advantaged way to further deliver value to Bristol-Myers Squibb shareholders. The split-off is expected to be net cash flow positive to the BioPharma business and accretive to earnings per share beginning in 2010.3 “This marks the latest step in our company’s transformation into a BioPharma leader,” said James M. Cornelius, chairman and chief executive officer of Bristol-Myers Squibb. “By executing our healthcare divestment strategy, we have sharpened our BioPharma focus, improved the overall financial strength of the company and supported our ability to pursue strategic business development opportunities. All of these actions help us fulfill our mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines to help patients prevail over serious diseases.”3 As...
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