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Topics: Christopher Columbus, Andy Warhol, Thomas Edison Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Clara Kana
Writing 1000
Against and With Plagiarism
The article was about some people who were stealing others’ works without their permission. There were some people who succeeded by taking people’s work. People sometimes published their work on the internet for a reason because they wanted their names to be known in society. The article was about how people were posting music, photos, and movies by writing their names down to become famous. The author tells that if a person steal others’ work and copy things would be fine sometimes if a person is in need. He also was against of some things like students cannot copy others or take sources from the internet because that would affect their knowledge. The author was in between to copy or take others’ work. He was against and with plagiarism in some areas. People should have their own ideas, success, and respect for whatever a person does in life. I disagree with D. Feinman to steal anyone’s work. People should not steal any person’s work because each person has his or her successes in life, and it is not fair to treat people in that way because many important people discovered things on this earth.

I disagree with D. Feinman because it is not right at all to take people’s work. The author explained many things that people can do. One of the things he talked about it that people can take the songs remixing them in their own way without telling anybody. This is bad for people who worked hard to write the songs and for the singers who sang the songs. When people change the song and post it on the internet others will stop to listen to the old one and starts to listen to the new one. However, he agreed with Andy Warhol when he used the photomechanical method on his own way. He said, “Not content with copying the style or subjects of others, he used photomechanical methods to put actual reproduction of works into his creations”. This means that people can look up for certain things and change it to...
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