Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The text `President Obama‘s inaugural address‘ is about Barack Obama‘s speech when he was elected to the President of the USA.

At the beginning of the text Obama uses a direct adress `My fellow citizens´(cf l. 1), to involve the citizens of the US in his presidentship and all the political decisions that belong to that. In addition he says, that he is grateful for the electorate‘s trust to emphasize his thankfull feelings. Otherwise he alludes to the pilgrim fathers to compare with what they have done with his challenges he has to go through. Futhermore Obama talks of `the rising tides of prosperty´ as a contrast to the situation now and in the future and `the still waters of peace´ as a metaphor to stress the ,every-time-peace‘ in the US and to allude to the citizen war in the 19th century. Moreover he accumulates the negative consequences of the bad political achievements of the past to dramatise them and to create a tragic structure (cf ll.14-15). He also uses an ellipsis and an alliteration in this sentence to make his statement powerful and very concise. Besides he personifies the challenges he and his citizens have to go throug, by talking to them directly (cf l.17). In addition he also accumulates the things, which went wrong in the past to get them to remember a vivid picture (cf ll.21-22). Aside he compares his challenges with the pilgrim fathers who were christians to mobalize the christian voters. (cf ll.23-24). He uses an enumeration, which is easy to remember, to link it with the american dream (cf ll.32-34). To add another rhetorical move, he uses parallelism to underline what their ancestors, the pilgrim fathers did for them (cf ll. 35 -40). In the end of his speech he uses a syntactic parellelism and an intentionally incorrect sentence structure to get the citizens to trust him and to believe in him.
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