Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

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Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
A Social Reformer


“OURS IS A BATTLE FOR FREEDOM, OURS IS A BATTLE NOT JUST FOR ECONOMIC GAINS AND POLITICAL POWER, OURS IS A BATTLE FOR RECLAMATION OF HUMAN PERSONALITY WHICH HAS BEEN SUPPRESED AND MUTILATED BY THE HINDU SOCIAL ORDER AND CONTINUED TO BE SUPPRESED AND MUTILATED” These lines itself indicates that the speaker of these lines is a reformer, democratic leader and great orator. There have been a number of great people in the world who have dedicated themselves to struggle of emancifipation, uplift of the powerless victims of system in their countries. Above lines are spoken by such a person who is a champion of human rights none other than Dr. B.R Ambedkar. He was a multi – dimensional personality. He was a great thinker, philosopher, true revolutionist, profolic writer and at the top a devoted reformer. Antonio Gramsci, a German philosopher hailed him as an “organic intellectual” his magnifier of 1940s.

An Advocate Of Reform

A reformer is one who wants a non violent revolution for a change in society, same was our Babasaheb. Not only for India he fought for the world, he fought for humanity. Numerous authors, Indians as well as foreigner have described his contribution to the economic development and emancipation of Indian masses in different ways. One such author said – “Dr .B.R Ambedkar was a intellectual, a educationist, a thinker and advocate of humanism”

Ambedkar as A Writer

Even Ambedkar himself was a great and renowned writer. He wrote many books mostly on caste system. He wrote book “The Buddha and His Dhamma” which was published posthumously. He completed his final manuscript “The Buddha or Karl Marx” on December 2, 1956.
His Donation for Future Students

He was fond of reading books too. His library was one such proof that he donated to a college which is founded by him for students of Depressed Classes. Even today his books are becoming a reason behind the triumphs of students. Knowing the great value and importance of education in 1924, he founded an association called Bahiskrit Hitakarni Sabha. The main objectives of Sabha were; to promote and expand education among the depressed classes by opening hostels. These hostels proved a boon for low caste students.

Voice of Downtrodden

According to him for a successful revolution it is not enough that there is discontent, what is required is profound and thorough conviction of justice. He even proved this in a very systematic way. Ambedkar efforts to eradicate the social evils like untouchablility and caste restrictions were remarkable. The leader, throughout his life fought for his rights of Dalits and other socially backward classes with his sword of a peaceful agitation. One may love it or hate it but one has to accept and acknowledge the fact that Amberkarism has been a movement of assertion of downtrodden in the history of India in recent times. B.R Ambedkar has been a voice of downtrodden of our country and for their cause he has dedicated his whole life and worked. Dalits have placed Ambedkar at the top of the world and he is no more than god for them. He wrote extensively on the problems of caste, Muslims, minorities and women in India. He richly contributed towards construction of democratic independence.

Ideas That Were Experience

The operation of caste , his views on women’s oppression, his reinterpretation of the role of monk prove him to a social reformer that warrant a close examination of his biography and his lion’s share to set a perfect platform for world ‘s biggest democracy country . His observation, attachment to the lower classes or any kind of incidents was not the reason behind his dalit movement. The reason was his own experience as a dalit. He was born in a Mahar family which is considered as untouchable caste. He spent his whole life...
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