Dr. Beckett's Dental Office

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(Case Study 1)

Group 2
Arceo, Alexsandra L.
Jacinto, Charito H.
Maniago, Kim Russel B.
Quiazon, Lady Lin T.

YFRESMAR/TTH – 4:30-6:00 PM
Ms. Cristina Naguit

* Dr. Barbro Beckett is a dentist who always seek to differentiate her practice on the basis of Quality and keep on redesigning everything (such as facilities and equipments, place, procedures, etc.) to deliver higher quality for her patients and improve productivity through increase efficiency. She took her study in a dental school where she thought her a lot of the technical side of dentistry and nothing about the business side. She received no formal training in the mechanics of running a business / understanding customer needs. That had not been a problem to Dr. Beckett since as she started to do her profession and did not have the hard time to earn. So she did not mind it rather she just focus on resigning everything just to make her services differ from others even of there were a lot of instances.

* The biggest challenge of Dr. Beckett is demonstrating the high level of quality to patients. This task was especially difficult since most people disliked going to the dentist or felt that it was an inconvenience and come up with a negative attitude. Dr. Beckett tried to reinforce the idea that Quality dental core depended on a positive long term relationship between patients and the dental team.

* There was one time when the United States pursues a movement on reducing health care costs to insurance companies, employees and patients by offering “managed health care” through health maintenance organizations (HMOS). The HMOS set the prices for various services by putting an upper limit on the amount that their doctors and dentist could charge for various procedures. With this case, Dr. Beckett would not able to offer certain services that might provide better quality care so she decided not to become an HMO provider because she was bothered that she might not provide high – Quality care to patients. She wanted to offer the highest level of dental care rather than being a low – cost provider.

* She even look for a new place, new designs, facilities, and equipments just to make sure that her patients to better will feel comfortable and convenient. She used educational films to help their patients to better understand the different dental procedures. She has seven staffs who helped and assets her in doing their business. Some had specialized training for their job but did not required them to have a college degree. They even helped in decision making process and Dr. Beckett even makes sure that she has a friendly relationship with them.

* In terms of the procedure in doing her service, her main goal was to standardize some of the routine procedures to reduce error and let all the patients receive the same level of care. There were also a lot of customers who avail the service just by positive word of mouth of her current patients, that’s why for her she did not need to sell herself and advertise her offered service. She did not have any problem with her customer who waits for 3 – 4 months for a routine cleaning and exam they did not seem to mind.

* Dr. Beckett thought that her only problem was on how to demonstrate a high level of Quality since most of the people dislike going to the dentist or felt that it was inconvenient and come up with negative attitude (such as, I really hate going to the dentist – it’s not you, but I just don’t want to be here!), but she never thought there’s still a much harder problem than that, a major problem that she never expected to happen. This problem covers up the management system of her business that tends to fail from the time she established her business.

Background of the Problem

* Dr. Beckett’s major problem focuses mainly on the system of management that her business did not focus onto. As she...
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