Dr. Ambedkar

Topics: India, Dalit, Hinduism Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was born on 14th April, 1891. He was born in Central India as the fourteenth child to parents who belonged to the very lowest caste of Hindu society who are known as the dalits or untouchables. In 1908, Ambedkar passed the Matriculation exam from Bombay University. After graduating from Elfinstone College, Bombay in 1912, he joined Columbia University where he was awarded Ph.D for a thesis which he published in book form as “The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India”. Later he joined the London School of Economics and obtained a degree of D.Sc for his thesis, “The Problem of the Rupee”. He became a Professor of Political Economy in the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Bombay in 1918. In 1920, he started a Marathi Weekly paper called ‘Mooknayak’ to champion the cause of the depressed classes. He attended the depressed classes Conference on March the same year, under the Presidency of Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj at Kolhapur. He later resigned Professorship at Sydenham College to resume his studies in London. He returned to India on April 1923 and started to practice in the Bombay High Court. He also attended the three Round Table Conferences that were held in London to enable representatives of the various Indian communities and the three British Political parties to consider proposals for the future constitution of India. He founded the ‘Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha’ on July 20, 1924 for the upliftment of the depressed classes. The aims of the Sabha were Educate, Agitate, and Organise. He opened a hostel for untouchable students at Barshi. He was nominated as a member of the Bombay Legislative Council in 1926. He started Satyagraha at Mahad, a place in Kolaba district to secure to the untouchables the Right of access to the Chavdar Tank. He also started Satyagraha at Kalram Temple, Nasik to secure the Right of entry into the temple by the untouchables. On September 1932, he signed the Poona Pact with M.K.Gandhi giving...
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