Dr. Abdul Kalam's Speech in Liba

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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What I would like to be remembered for? |
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Knowledge makes you great
I am delighted to address the Annual National Management Symposium INSIGHT 10 organized by the Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai. My greetings to all of you. Dear friends, when I am in the midst of future leaders of management, I fondly remember my interactions with the management students of IIM, Ahmedabad, IIM Indore and also at Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky, USA. Today I will be discussing with you on the topic “What I would like to be remembered for?” I would illustrate the theme through certain experiences which inspired me during six decades of professional career. Friends, I will be discussing the subjects:

1 The knowledge society in 21st century
2 Dimensions of Knowledge society and Economic Development
3 Innovation is the essence of leadership
4 Visionary leaders
5 Science leadership
6 Leader with transparency
7 My visualization of the distinctive profile of India and integrated action for developed India 8 In conclusion – what I would like to be remembered for?
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The knowledge society in 21st century|
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The world in the 21st century will be a knowledge based society with multiple opportunities. When I was studying a book, “Empires of the Mind” by Denis Waitley, the book gives, what type of the new world that we are facing now? What was yesterday and what is today. I have modified certain points of the author to suit our conditions. I have also added a third line which relates to action of an educational Institute. It specially says that “what worked yesterday, won’t work today”.

1. Yesterday – natural resources defined power
Today - knowledge is powerEducational institutions will be the powerhouse for knowledge 2. Yesterday - Hierarchy was the model
Today- synergy is the mandateEducational institutions will be enabler of intersection of multiple faculties towards mission goals 3. Yesterday – leaders commanded and controlled Today – leaders empower and coach Potential Leaders will be empowered through exposure to the needs of sustainable development 4. Yesterday - shareholders came first Today – customers come first Education should inculcate sensitivity to “customer” needs 5. Yesterday - employees took order Today – teams make decision Educational institutions can inject team spirit

6. Yesterday - seniority signified status Today – creativity drive status Educational institutions is the breeding environment for creativity 7. Yesterday – production determined availability Today – Competitiveness is the key Competitiveness is powered by research and university has to have the motto of “teaching-research-teaching” 8. Yesterday - value was extra Today – value is everything Value based education has to be introduced as a part of the curriculum, at least for one hour every week 9. Yesterday – everyone was a competitor Today – everyone is a customer During education industrial and entrepreneurship training is essential 10. Yesterday - profits were earned through expediency

Today – Work with integrity and succeed with integrity.
Home and education places should become learning places
I am sure, LIBA will keep these aspects of 21st century in mind which will facilitate the students to learn what they desire to learn and become spiritually intelligent. | |
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Dimensions of Knowledge society and Economic Development| | | |
In the knowledge economy the objective of a society changes from fulfilling the basic needs of all-round development to empowerment. The education system will be promoted by creative, interactive self learning – formal and informal education with focus on values, merit and quality. The workers instead of being skilled or semi-skilled will be knowledgeable, self-empowered and flexibly skilled. The type of work instead of being structured and hardware driven will be less...
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