Dowry Death

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  • Published: April 10, 2010
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Area: Rights of women in India
Topic: A Theoretical Perspective on Dowry Deaths in India
a) To understand the concept of dowry as has originated and evolved in India. b) To conceptualize modern day consequences of dowry system. c) To refer to various laws in India and find out reasons for ineffectuality. d) To analyze the trend lay down in this regard by way of various judicial decisions. e) To critically analyze the reasons for divergence between the object of law with regard to dowry death and the practice evolved by judicial precedents. Research questions:

a) What is dowry?
b) How has the concept of dowry evolved in India?
c) What are the various sections of the statutes applicable to the crime of dowry death? d) What are the drawbacks with respect to judicial intervention in the cases of dowry deaths? e) What can be done by the responsible authorities and by the society at large to prevent the occurrence of dowry deaths? Research tools:

The research of this project was carried out with the help of internet and the books available in the library of N.L.U. so the sources are secondary in nature. Case study method has been used to study the concept of dowry death in practicality. In the whole project, uniform footnoting style is adopted in conformity with National Law University.

1) Introduction
2) Evolution of dowry system in India
3) Modern Day Consequences
4) Illegality of Practice: India’s Positive Laws
5) The Ineffectuality of the Dowry Prohibition Act
6) Contemporary Problems of the Modern Dowry System
7) Case study
8) Suggestions
9) Conclusion

Chapter 1

In modern Indian political discourse the custom of dowry is often represented as the cause of serious social problems, including the neglect of daughters, sex-selective abortion, female infanticide, and the harassment, abuse, and murder...
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