Dowry Crimes

Topics: Marriage, Domestic violence, Dowry Pages: 3 (1215 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Dowry Crimes

Culture is the enduring behavior ideas attitudes and tradition shared by a large group of people transmitted from one generation to the next. India is one of those countries that has strong influences on cultures. The custom of Dowry long entrenched in India’s male dominant. Society has attained alarming proportions during the last few decades. There is hardly a day when the cries of Dowry victim echoes throughout the town. Brides are still being harassed physically and mentally for bringing sufficient Dowry. Violent crimes against women have ensured that they minimally participate in the economic social arena. It is not a secret that throughout the history women suffered an unprivileged social status. Many people are confused as to what Dowry is, where Dowry crimes occur, and why they occur.

Dowry are the deaths of young women who are murdered or driven to suicide by continuous harassment and torture by husbands and in-laws in an effort to extort an increase Dowry. Dowry deaths are reported in various countries. Most Dowry deaths occur when the young woman are unable to bear the harassment and torture commits suicide. Most of these suicides are by hanging or by fire. Something the woman are killed setting themselves on fire which is know as “bride burning”. Bride burning is a form of domestic Violence practiced in parts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries located on or around the Indian subcontinent. . In bride-burning cases it is alleged that a man, or his family, douses his wife with kerosene , gasoline, or other flammable liquid, and sets the woman alight, leading to death by fire.

The Indian national crime bureau reports that there were about “6787 dowry death cases registered in India in 2005. Incidents of dowry deaths during the year 2005 (6,787) have increased significantly by 46.0 percent over 1995 level (4,648). However, the increase was marginal (0.1%) over an average of 2000-2004 and there was a...
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