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Dowries: Customary Wedding Gifts|
| The dowry, Malaysian style, consists of money, jewellery, rice, sugar and other food stuffs and furniture for the bridal room. The amount of dowry varies from time to time as well as from place to place. For the Malays, the dowry is presented during the "akad nikah" of which the wedding is officiated by the "kathi" or priest. The "hantaran belanja" or the main dowry is magnificiently presented at this ceremony. This kind of dowry usually ranges from M$500 to M$5,000. The "mas kahwin" is the compulsory dowry which is given to the bride before the kathi as a token of faith and love at the akad nikah.For the Chinese-Malaysians, dowry is money presented in a red packet or ang-pow, which ranges from M$200 to M$8,000 in an average wedding. However, if the mother of the bride is still alive, another ang pow called the breast token (leng-boh geen) is a must. This is a token of gratitude for her breast feeding the bride when she was a baby. Among the Chinese, the Nyonya dowry is the most elaborate. The rich Nyonyas would present in a procession with their servants carrying trays of jewellery, wine, dresses and other luxuries, all enticingly decorated so that the guests can look on in amazement.The majority of the Indian-Malaysians pay dowries to the bride, which is usually presented at the engagement. This consists of a set of jewellery, the wedding gown and of course money. At the wedding, the bride will adorn herself with the jewellery given to her.| | |
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