Downside to Gun Control

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  • Published : August 10, 2010
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Downside to Gun Control
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could no longer protect your family, yourself, and help in being part of the militia? Well that’s the direction some of our politicians are trying to go towards. I am talking about the negative results that imposing harsh gun control laws and regulations would bring if the government passes gun control laws. I am going to talk about three reasons why. First, crime rates would go up. Second, it is in the second amendment where it says we have the right to protect our rights and families. Thirdly, the second amendment protects us against our own government.

In today’s society there are people who obey the law and people who do not. The people who obey the law would give up their guns if legislation was passed. Would they be happy? No, they would not, but they would have to. Criminals on the other do not obey the law in the first place, so what makes you think that they will obey new control laws. The answer is quite simple. If you disarm the civilians then many innocent people will be murdered, robbed, and punished by people who do not obey the law. This is because criminals will be the only people besides the police with weapons. Examples of this have been seen in cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Crime rates in these cities are much higher. The murder rate in Washington D.C. has risen 134% since the strictest gin control act ever created was enacted on the city. The reason that the rates in these cities has gone up is because hand guns have been banned in these cities and the people cannot protect themselves against criminals. The only people that gun control laws would affect would be people who obey the law. Criminals would actually want gun control because then they would not be afraid of anyone because the law abiding citizens would have no protection against them. According to a 1995 study entitled, “Armed Resistance Against Crime,” law abiding citizens use...
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