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Topics: Science fiction, Mind, Future Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Opposition of position
Charles Mattison

Computers are taking over the world, and no one can do anything about it.

In my first opposition I find the tale of science fiction over the mind. Here we see a lot of people believe TV over facts far as most things go. The idea here though is that computers will never take over because they are not built to. Most computers don’t even know the things they are program to recognize. For instance the GPS will get u close but not directly where u are going but can map routes with time and direction. Another is the weather satellite system; it can never give an accurate reading on the weather or adjust to the change when it happens. Over all we see computers getting smarter but not enough to take over the world.

In my second opposition science fiction is also main idea of why people believe computers will take over. This comes from us thinking that machines could possess the intellect of humans without knowing what would be developed in the future. After careful study we see that if and when we could do this we still would be the ones in control. Although computers are very intelligent, they don’t have human traits that give them the knowhow of how to maintain life in this world. The computer is better at some things than others butt the same can be said about us. We need the computer for task such as problems and direction and the computer needs us to operate and program the commands. I see us coming more together than trying to defeat each other because we make each other better than before. Examples of that are the computers we use in the military, mobile phones, and all kind of devices that help us to evolve. Its seems that soon things will be impossible to do without computers but that we the people will determine our future because machines cannot replace us. These articles were very encouraging that computers will not take over the world. We will become more dependent on them for...
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