Downloading Files from the Internet

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Downloading Files from the Internet

This paper is written to explain how files are downloaded from the internet. It will include the advantages and disadvantages of downloading software and what precautions could be taken when downloading. In this paper I will also address my own personal experience of downloading files and programs from the internet. What are the steps involved in downloading files and programs from the internet. The most popular browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape Navigator. Some Mac users prefer other browser, like Safari browser. When downloading files run the program from the current location or you can save the program to disk. When you access a webpage you are actually downloading the text document and all the graphics from a Web Server. As the digital data arrives, the web browser formats it on the screen. The ways of downloading include clicking on the link with the right button for Window users or holding the mouse button down for Mac users. After clicking on, you have the option of saving the target to disk, or saving the target as from the pop up menu. Some files may be saved to the hard-drive or files can be downloaded automatically to your desktop and this depends on browser configuration. Steps for downloading files

Run the program from the current location or save to disk •Save to temporary folder , can be moved to another file after saving •Run an up to date virus and malicious code scan on the file downloaded. •If the file passes the scan, open, execute it away from to a more secure area. •RC – file the first file downloaded and its contents in the desired location on your computer. •Some downloaded files may require purchase agreements for special licensing software. •Maintain a software inventory in order to ensure that license required was properly purchased. •Software downloaded should only be installed VIA agreed...
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