Downfall of the Jets

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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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Johnny Schifano
Introduction Journalism
Mary Alice Williams
December 4, 2012

Downfall of the New York Jets

2010 and 2011 were great seasons for the New York Jets football franchise. In both seasons they grinded out two appearances to the AFC championship game and fell one loss short of making it to the National Football Leagues biggest game, the Super Bowl Championship. But recently in their last two seasons there has been much controversy over who should be the starting quarterback, head coach Rex Ryan’s possibility of losing his job and the overall miserable performance of the New York Jets on and off the play field. Players have been talking behind others backs over the media and controversy between the franchises fan base and management has up risen. Something needs to be done here in New York to not only win back the hearts of fans, but get the Jets back to their elite performance of years past. Over the summer of 2012 the Jets picked up one of the most popular athletes in the world, the upcoming Tim Tebow who is a former Heisman trophy winner and two time national champion for the Florida Gators. He was traded from the Denver Broncos and shocked the world in the prior season by bringing the Broncos to the playoffs winning 7 games and getting a playoff win against the highly esteemed Steelers. The main issue that is a concern in New York is that with the Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez playing so poorly, why not give Tim Tebow a chance? The likelihood of the Jets making it to the playoffs continues to drown and most fans and sports analysts continue to question the fact of giving Tebow an opportunity to see if he is fit for the job. Instead of playing time on the field Tebow has now pursued more roles in commercials including the companies TiVo and Jockey. Is this an ideal role sports fans would want the number 2 most publicized person in 2012 to fulfill? I took my research further into this issue and called the New...
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