Down a Dark Hall

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Down a Dark Hall written by Lois Duncan is a book about a girl named Kit Gordy, going to a boarding school miles away from the closest town, which is a small village Blackwood. She comes to her new home for the school year with her new step father Dan and her worrying mother, who are ready to go on their honeymoon. When they see the boarding school that Kit would be staying at, it looked surprisingly different from what they saw in the brochure they were given. The three of them could not at first find the word to describe the house until Kit found the one word that could easily describe how it looked, which was the one word no one wanted to hear before they drop her off in a strange school, evil.

Kit Gordy is a nice, wise, and talented girl. Kit has short brown hair and is fourteen years old. All Kit wants is to find out why the school gives her the creeps and when she does find out, she wants to get out right away. Madame Duret and Professor Farley are the teachers at her school. They are pale and really boney. Tracy, Kit’s best friend, is nice and sweet. She used to go to school with Kit untill she moved to Blackwood. Ruth Stark, Lynda Hannah, and Sandra Mason are her fellow classmates. They are all Kits age.

The conflict is Kit wants to get out of Blackwood. She found out Madame Duret and Professor Farley are letting the past talented spirts into the students body’s when they sleep. Therefor the spirt can write a poem or draw a new piece of artwork so Madame Duret can sell the artwork as replicas from the past. What’s stopping her is Madame Duret won’t mail her letters to Tray, Kit’s best friend, nobody knows that she wants to leave Blackwood and go home.

The climax is when Jules, who was formerly supportive of his mother, Madame Duret, is appalled by her actions and tries to help the girls leave while they still can. So he stands up for the girls to his mother. Which Madame Duret doesn’t like one bit.
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