Down Syndrome

Topics: Down syndrome, Disability, John Langdon Down Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Chapter I
There are different personality and people here in this world. Some are beautiful and ugly, fat and thin, tall and petite, smart and dull; and it also include the people with disability and diseases like Down syndrome. Down syndrome or downs syndrome dates all the way back to as far as 1862 when an English physician named John Langdon Down had first identified it as a mental disability. During the advent of the 20th century, therefore, Down syndrome became one of the more prominently recognizable forms of mental disability in humans. In addition to this, others stated the fact that injuries during birth may have also contributed as well. These studies are intended to provide people thorough information about this kind of disease and make them truly understand and accept the existence of them in the society. The researcher chose this topic because this case of disease is usually seen, especially now a days. Like the case of Kristine Reyes’ sister who suffer on this kind of syndrome. These studies will help us to fully understand the whole story behind this Down syndrome. Most of the people may not be know about this so called Down syndrome and through this study we can be more sensitive about this matter. Specializing the people who have their experience on socializing with the person with Down syndrome.

These studies want to answer the following questions:
1. History of Down syndrome.
2. What are the causes and symptoms or signs of having this?
3. What are the foods they can take and foods they cannot take?
4. What are the social effects, culture effects and economic effects on them?
5. Why do they have the same faces?
6. What are another diseases or difficulties of a person having down syndrome?
7. What are the kinds and levels of Down syndrome?
8. Who are greatly affected of Down syndrome/ statistics of them?
9. What are their doings or attitudes?
10. Is there a law for Down syndrome?
11. What are the...
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