Dowery System

Topics: Marriage, Government, Dowry Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: September 9, 2012
The dowry system is a social evil in India.It originated since times immemorial.I am really feeling very bad with this system ,so want to give my views about this topic. Actually in the ancient times the grooms were to give dowry to the brides,but now the brides are to give dowry to the grooms and now-a-days it became a compulsory process. I think GURAJADA’S play "kanyasulkam" may be mentioned in this context.Dowry can be defined as a support to the newly married couple on either behalf in cash or kind.They were meant to the poor maids in India.In the past according to the Hindu law,women were deprived of enjoying parents,property soon after they married.Compensation was being given in those days They had been gradually developed into the dowry system.The dowry-system must be eradicated either by statutory implementation or social revolt of the Indian bride,or by both the understanding should come in the minds of women,because they themselves are the sufferers from this dowry system.Many social reformers in the olden days protested seriously to abolish this system,like Kandukuri and Gurajada.But still not get suceeded.The governments also should discourage this events. The youth must be enlightened and they must be convinced that this is almost a sin. The government has banned the dowry system.Taking dowry and giving dowry is declared a crime ,but unfortunately people do not co-operate.the out-look of the people must change.
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