Dove Strtegies

Topics: Retailing, Marketing, Pricing Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Critiques of the Strategies and Recommendation
Dove has many strategic issues which are classified as convenience goods because consumers bought this product frequently and immediately. We can set the price a bit lower down and affordable for their product. Besides, they can change another supplier to lower down cost however can keep the good quality of product otherwise lower down the cost of advertising that can affect the product price of Dove. Dove can boost up their sales by using the line extension strategy and brand extension strategy. They should develop new flavors, forms, colors, ingredients, or package sizes of Dove to attract more category of consumer. It can also keep the firm's managers on their toes by generating internal competition. Dove used the psychological pricing strategy which is used to influence the consumer purchasing power. Customers respond better to certain type of prices and they are more likely to buy with certain price levels because consumer belief that the higher price is represent the good quality of product. Dove also can give promotion like giving discount, such as buy 2 free 1 to attract the consumer that make them feel our product worth more to purchase. The next strategic issue is Dove Company using retailing as their marketing intermediary. By using retailing concept, the entire new or loyal Dove company customer can get the Dove company product more easily in the market. Most of the producers including Dove sell the products and services directly to final consumers via a sales staff to retail outlets. The sales staff will promote the new products or give the sample to the retailers to make the retailers know more about their products.

The suggested strategy for Dove is to strengthen its differentiation advantages by innovating its differentiation strategy. With this strategy, existing organizational resources and necessary means can be influenced to develop clear differentiation strategy. Other than that, Dove’s think...
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