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‘Evolution of beauty’ Dove Case Study
An applied buzz & brand activation research model



‘Evolution of beauty’: Dove Case Study
An applied buzz & brand activation research model
Summary / Abstract
In traditional campaign post-testings only the impact of direct exposure (people actually having seen the creative) is measured. By doing so, all dynamics behind the buzz in terms of word-of-mouth and word of mouse and how this influences consumer dynamics remains unknown. Insights in the content and dynamics of these conversations could be very useful to understand the success (or failure) of a campaign however. Traditional approaches also neglect the actions people undertake after having viewed a commercial message, while commercials can be found on sites like YouTube and are shared around the world. This study tests Dove’s viral movie ‘Evolution’ and confirms that measuring indirect exposure as well consumer actions undertaken after ad exposure provides advertisers with new and useful insights.



The consumer 2.0 the cocktail party goes digital
Today’s empowered 2.0 consumer is very well informed, strongly connected with peers (and millions of surfers in general), has the ability to unify with them & share ideas but also has the tools to create proper content beyond control of marketers. This consumer is more sceptical, questions many things and uses intelligent ways to see through the facade of marketing actions (Jaffe, 2005). With the rise of this “new” consumer a recent trend in marketing called “word of mouse” (WoMo) has emerged. Verhaeghe et al. (2007) defined word of mouse as “the act of a consumer receiving, creating and/or distributing marketing-relevant content through online channels (both textual and audio-visual)”. WoMo is part of “buzz” defined as the act of consumers providing information about brands, products and services to others in an informal, noncommercial way. Buzz has an offline component – traditional “word of mouth” (WOM) – as well as an online component (“word of mouse”). Buzz is part of human nature. Consumers are eager to share great experiences or discoveries in return for respect of their peers (Damani and Damani, 2007). The thing with word of mouth is that in the past, it has always been rather limited in terms of reach (‘one-toone’ or ‘one-to-a-few’). Today, everybody can easily broadcast and publish with global reach as well as search content (Anderson, 2006). No need to say that this condition of almost ‘perfect information’ has a major impact on marketing. Verhaeghe et al. (2007) found that all types of consumers participate in buzz at all places possible about a whole range of different brands in different product categories. In fact, more than half of the

online population indicated that they had engaged in word of mouse over the past week as much as they performed word of mouth. The usage of online communication channels to share information about brands, products and services is more than just a hype for marketers. More than 4 in 10 internet users are exposed to comments and articles about products and brands – 1/3 reads blogs about brands and between 20 and 8% create some form of content about brands, products or services. Clearly something is going on!

The new rules of the advertising game
Advertising and communicating to consumers has changed dramatically. In 1987 an average 30-second TV commercial in the United States needed to be aired 3 times to reach 80% of the Americans. Today it has to be aired 150 times to have the same impact (Himpe, 2006). TV advertising is still working, but at a much higher cost. Marketers and advertising professionals have to change their view on marketing communications and cannot go on with these unacceptable levels of waste. In trying to break through this clutter, companies attempt to use consumer buzz & conversation in their favour. But the talk can also turn against...
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