Dove-Exective Summery Report

Topics: Marketing, Target market, New product development Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Dove Company is specialized to produce chocolate products, the brand would like to launch a new product category “Low-fat Chocolate Ice-cream”, which name as “Dove Low Fat Temptation “, to increase the company’s overall profit by 5% within 1 year. The new product is made by less than 10% fat and high-valued nutrition ingredients as to provide unique chocolate enjoyment through category extension to its existing target market - chocolate lover, especially the youngsters and ladies. Ansoff’s expansion strategy is used, that Dove adopts Product Development Strategy. Dove made use of behavioral as the base and benefit sought as the variable for its segmentation. Then, it adopts market specialization strategy toward Dove for targeting on the chocolate lovers. Dove positions its new product as low fat and silky-textured at relatively lower price in competing market. To match with the new product’s positioning, Dove’s suggested POD is that every product unit made by Dove is silky and creamy, but at an attractive price. Dove is being the market follower in chocolate market, so it will use its own competitive advantage to launch the new product which is a kind of non-durable and convenience good. Also, it is an augment product, through feature as the differentiators; the product can exceed customer expectation. Also, through labeling and packaging, it can be added with promotional value. For pricing, Dove will use maximum current profit as the pricing objective and target-return pricing as the pricing method to achieve the marketing objective. Also, the pricing adaption is suggested by Dove to its exclusive distributor(Citysuper) including quantity discounts and seasonal discounts to induce new product purchases in its introductory stage. To meet the channel objective, Dove will reach the segment which purchase in small lot size and shop in stores with wide types of chocolate products, so Dove will implement push strategy and indirect channel (1level)...
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