Dove: Evolution of a Brand

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Dove: Evolution of a Brand

Question: Imagine you have oversight of Dove marketing management. How would you answer to the comment that Dove started a conversation with consumer “that they don’t have control of”? Is the brand “out of control”? Is Dove making a “risky bet”?


▪ Unilever was the world’s largest producer but lacked a unified global identity.

▪ Problems of control as Unilever has managed brands in decentralised fashion allowing direction to be set by brand managers in each geographical area.

▪ Unilever had more than 1600 different brands.

▪ No longer could Dove communicate functional superiority as functionality meant different things in different categories.

Basic Marketing Problem:

Building a global Masterbrand, entrusted with responsibility for creating its global vision and inspiring cooperation from all geographic markets.


1. Building brand awareness through Traditional advertising methods.

• Advertising activity through national press, TV. Outdoor advertising on billboards, sponsoring of different events. Direct mail campaign.

2. Brand awareness campaign including Nontraditional advertising methods.

• Advertising through multiple media channels including the Web with intent to entertain and involve the consumers.


Some decades ago in order to build the global brand image the ads in media and 30-second TV commercial were enough to do the job. Some big and well-known companies, such as Coca-Cola or Marlboro, have achieved that through such traditional advertising methods. But nowadays it’s a different world. Monotonic TV adverts and mass-market publications do not have much effect on people. The consumers have learned to block unwanted TV ads. The news ways to capture the attention and to inrigue the customers should be found in order to succeed.

Nontradtional advertising through the Web, such as Dove campaign on...
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