Dove Case Study

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Dove Case study
the main problem
The main issue affecting the company relates to the real beauty campaign. The campaign was triggered by the quest for a point of view for the dove brand since the functional superiority emphasized in the past was not applicable to all products as it communicated different meaning to different categories. The real beauty campaign risks making dove an ordinary brand thus killing its heritage of inspiring beauty thus impacting on its performance (Deighton 2008).

History and Background
The history of Unilever Company dates back to the year 1930. In this year, the Lever brothers from the UK agreed to merge with Margarine Unie from the Netherlands. Both firms depended on palm oil in the production cooking oil products (Deighton 2008). The company gained roots in all the continents with specific strengths in South East Asia, Africa, Latin America, and India. The company Unilever had over 1600 brands in the market but in 2000, the company introduced a scheme to winnow the brands to just 400 (Deighton 2008). One of the company’s ancient brands is the dove brand. Beauty bar was the first product under the brand as was launched in 1957. Dove production considers in health and beauty sector such as cleansing bars, body washes, hand washes, hair care and so on. Procter and Gamble's Ivory , Kao's Jergens and Beiersdorg's Nivea are its competitors. The new market decisions by the company were informed by the study of the customer needs. The product was thus developed to solve dry skin problems (Deighton 2008). As for advertisement evolution, since 1957 Dove brand has relied on the functional efficiency of its product in its communication. The recent past (2000) has seen an attempt to develop a customer’s point of view that would become the selling point (Deighton 2008). Research has continuously played a pivotal role in understanding the consumer needs and in the consequent development of products tailor made to satisfy these needs. In 2002 was the origins of the real beauty idea then in 2004, was the beginning of practicing the real beauty campaign. In the year 2007, the dove brand became the world's number one n the cleans sector with more than $2.5 billion in over 80 countries (Deighton 2008).

Strengths of the Company
One of the strengths of the company is its ease in entering new products into the market. This can be evidenced by its massive 1600 brands in the market. This represents a lot of wealth of experience in introducing new products spanning from the year of its birth to date. The other strength of the company is its global presence and distribution. The company has succeeded in exploiting the global village phenomenon to create a network around the world. This provides the company a wide market for its product thus eliminating the demand bottlenecks. A diverse market presents greater business opportunities as the firm leverages on the diversities by developing new products to satisfy these needs and thus its growth. The other strength lies in the global parent company and its management resources and its strong cash position. The company has blended the traditional advertising and promotional strategies. This actually reflects that management resources department in the company has skillful and talented team. The strength of the company is on the use of the internet which is a modern technology to power its advertising campaigns. This is one of the tools that have a great potential in passing the message to the intended clientele. Marketing of brands such as the Dove can easily be done through the internet. The emergence and expansion of virtual communities is strength as it provides an opportunity for advertising of the Dove with marginal cost and ability to connecting to consumers .

One of the weaknesses is in its number of brands. The company has far too many brands most of which compete against each other as well as those of the company’s competitors....
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