Dove Case

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Dove Case Study Questions

1. What is a brand? Why does Unilever want fewer of them? The Dictionary of Business and Management defines a brand as: "a name, sign or symbol used to identify items or services of the seller(s) and to differentiate them from goods of competitors." For example, Dove is recognized as a brand by its name and its logo "dove". The dove refers to an image of purity, simplicity and sweetness. Besides having a name, this brand has a personal identification.

The problem that can meet a big group is a loss of identification and control. That’s what happened to Unilever and its 1600 brands. Each of the 1600 brands had a different strategy and positioning. These positioning were not necessarily compatible and Unilever has lost in credibility. Besides it has been difficult for the group to supervise closely each of the brands and their evolution. In 2000 the group decided to adopt a plan on 5 years « Path to Growth" and down to 400 brands. From that day each of the 400 brands strategy has to correspond to the global vision and positioning of the group. Even if the brands are on different sectors, they must refer to the same values.

2. What was Dove’s brand positioning in the 1950’s?
At its setting up, Dove is positioned as a cosmetics brand destined to men, women or children wishing to use a soap without drying the skin. This is a soap that has two virtues: cleaning and moisturizing. The brand is based on the experiences of soldiers to give credibility to their products. The moisturizing and cleaning virtues are not a pure invention, the soldiers tested them during the Second World War.

3. What is Dove’s positioning in 2007? How did they transform their brand? In 2007, the brand decided to give to women the opportunity to create their own Cream Oil Body Wash. It is a great marketing idea. Indeed, women can easier identify themselves to ordinary women and think that if ordinary women have created and like this product, that...
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