Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Health Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: July 16, 2008
Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

In today’s world the media has been setting trends and producing images of the perfect woman. Now take into account that the conjured “perfect woman” is 5’11, weighs 110 pounds, has excessively smooth shiny hair and no visible body flaws. This is what the media covers. Magazines are constantly promoting the skinny actresses. Ads are forever altering and touching up photos. Articles are constantly praising the new weight loss secret. So is this real beauty?

These Hollywood fantasies are misleading, discouraging and very powerful. It makes the “normal woman” self conscious, even if they have nothing to be self conscious about!

Dove, a women’s skin and health care company, has created a new approach to their advertisement. Not only has Dove come up with a new advertisement campaign, but an attempt to recreate the image of a “woman”. The creation is known as Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove has challenged the media by taking average, everyday women and making them the models of their products. Women of all different sizes, colors, young and old are making the statement that you don’t have to be a Hollywood model to be beautiful. With the ads using “real women”, women can relate to the models without being so judgmental on themselves.

Media advertising with skinny models has begun to have a large effect upon women and the younger generation. Clearly visible, the diet fad is increasing. However, it is not only diets that are unhealthy but also the extreme gestures of bulimia and anorexia that are affecting young teens. Through the Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove is trying to show women it is ok to be who you are, and that is what is beautiful and healthy.

The Dove Ads have made large impacts upon the media world. Personally, I enjoyed the ads. They were very eye catching. In the ad with the women in their underwear they were full of energy and seemed so alive, it was definitely clear to see that they enjoyed their...
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