Dove and Manchester United - the Effectiveness of the Marketing Concepts and Principals.

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I have been asked to produce a clear set of notes to go with my presentation of Dove and Manchester United fully comparing the effectiveness of the marketing concepts and principals.

First of all I am going to start comparing the similarities of the aims of the two businesses. This is that Manchester United wants to become the best football club on and off the pitch. Dove has a similar aim which is trying to grow its brand of the real beauty campaign for women. This will be effective for both branding companies as they will become one of the top sellers when it comes to future high standards.


Same- Manchester United and Dove communicate the promotion of their product by using the media like for e.g. TV. This leads to attracting more of the public households. Another technique used to promote their product is by In-Store displays, this leads to attracting customers as well as communicating where the item is going to be sold at. They both also promote on their websites this leads to more information on that product as well as other products of their brand being available.

Different- The communication through TV can be different as Manchester United have their own channel called “MUTV”, whereas, Dove only provide a 5 minute advertisement on their product. The two different methods that Manchester united use are the pitch and the players themselves this is because a football club is part of leisure/ hobbies. This leads to fans seeing more of the product. Dove uses magazines to promote their Pro-Age product as this leads to attracting more females as this product is part of a real women campaign who are aged over 40.

Effectiveness- Dove is effective in reaching its target market as they communicate the product using many ways of the media as they know that every household has at least one modern technology item so the message will definitely reach the target market.


Same- Both Dove and Manchester united sell their products/services in the high streets because they know most of the public shop there. This leads to customers not having to travel long distances for the items they require. This is the only same technique both Dove and Manchester united use to sell their products. Dove- supermarkets- Boots, Super drugs, etc. Manchester united- Nike, JD, JJB, etc.

Different- Manchester united sells a huge amount of its products portfolio through its website because it is faster for orders to be made and paid for. The website also allows fans to require information of the products sold and another reason it is appropriate is because the public (fans) know that the goods they have bought are original not copies. Dove does not recommend this method because it would refer for a large postal charge as depended on the weight of the product/s.

Effectiveness- Dove’s choice of place to sell the product is very effective because it is in the high street where the local public go, so this leads to people not having to travel further than there high street to buy the product so they are what tend to be happy customers. This also would be recommended to other females so the brand gains more profit and this leads to having to manufacture and sell more of that product.

Manchester united has chosen an effective place which is via their website. It is effective because this way customers get a wider range of items to choose from and buy. So this leads to selling more merchandise as people will want to buy more of their products e.g. if a person wanted to buy a mug and saw a larger variety of products then they will end up buying a lot more like for example buying an extra t-shirt and an extra mouse mat to go with their computer.


Same- Dove’s pricing strategy for the Pro-Age product would be from £2-15 depending entirely on the manufacturing size of the product like for example 15ml/ 30ml. They understand that the product is aimed at households with real women of...
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