Douglas Stewart

Topics: Natural environment, Nature, Oodgeroo Noonuccal Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: July 29, 2011
ENGLISH POEM ASSIGNMENT!! QUESTION 1: composers use distinctive language choices to reflect distinctive experiences. To what extent do your texts support this view? INTRO:

The use of anthropomorphism allows objects of the natural environment to be presented with the human characteristics the poet views them with. In the poem, the snow gum, by Douglas Steward, the composer feels an association with himself and also a connection to the royalty of the tree. Anthropomorphism is used as he interpretation the tree to be human-like as it has a “crown” like a person and “full grown”. The organic description of the “curve” of the tree, is the composer reinforcing his view of the tree being alive and human-like. The verb use of “curve” adds greater detail that the tree is moving in organic ways and interacting with its shadow, the composers sees tree as free, alive and at one with its shadow. Similarly, in municipal gum by Oodgeroo Noonuccal, a poem in which explores the connection the poet has to the tree and the displacement of the tree in the municipal urban environment it is stuck in, uses sensory language is used to describe the “ hard bitumen” in which the roots of the tree are stuck. Noonuccal refers to the Gums roots as “feet”, this use of anthropomorphism demonstrates the composers empathy and sympathy towards the tree, the poet views the tree as a living, sentient being. Non-human elements of the natural environment are often portrayed with a sense of intelligence and worth. In nesting time, the proper noun use for the word “Nature”, emphasizes the composers understanding to nature being a living thing. The poet also feels that “Nature” is then associated with intelligence, consciousness and knowingness. Douglas Steward writes of natural things as if conscious and of equal intelligence to humans, referring to the bird as “ brave and wild”. The subject of the tree in Municipal Gum being addressed in second person as “you” reinforces the idea that the...
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