Douglas Macarthur

Topics: Douglas MacArthur, United States Military Academy, World War II Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: March 18, 2009
Douglas MacArthur’s Life
Born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1880, Douglas MacArthur already had the military sense in his blood. His father, Arthur MacArthur, wore many hats, one of which was as a general in the Civil and Spanish wars and another as military governor of the Philippines during President McKinley’s term (Compton’s Encyclopedia, 1990). His grandfather was a judge, another man who many considered to accomplish many feats and taught young MacArthur how to be an honest, brave, and scholarly man (PBS Online, 1999). His first marriage, to Louise Cromwell Brooks did not last because she could not handle the military life. They divorced in 1928. He remarried later and had one child, whom he named after his father. He died in 1964 and buried in the MacArthur Memorial Park in Norfolk, Virginia. When Douglas MacArthur was a child, he joined his father on a 300-mile journey to Fort Seldon, New Mexico, where his father was in charge of 46 newly enlisted Army recruits; this was the beginning of the military life experienced by young MacArthur. Later in his life, his teacher suggested he attend West Point Military Academy in New York. Douglas MacArthur graduated from West Point with the highest grades of all students (Empereur Website, 2000). His extraordinary earnings at West Point were the highest the academy had seen in more than 20 years. He later went on to become the academy’s superintendent. MacArthur’s life was not always perfect. Considering his father’s contributions to the Philippine Army, they requested his assistance and appointed him their field marshal (Compton’s Encyclopedia, 1990). Once there, he rekindled an old friendship with the country’s leader, Manuel Quezon. In 1941, Japan invaded the Philippines. MacArthur could not handle their powerful army and they destroyed his air force and army. On President Roosevelt’s orders, he began a retreat to Bataan and later withdrew to Australia (Empereur Website, 2000). Nevertheless, MacArthur adored the...
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