Doubt: Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Father Flynn

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  • Published : January 31, 2012
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In John Patrick Shanley’s play Doubt, Mrs. Muller responds to Sister Aloysius’s insinuations of “an improper relationship” (vii) between Father Flynn and her son Donald by saying, “Why you need to know something like that for sure when you don’t? Please, Sister. You got some kind a righteous cause going with this priest and now you want to drag my boy into it”(vii). Mrs. Muller is questioning Sister Aloysius’s intentions. Mrs. Muller is considering that Sister Aloysius’s motives are personal, “Look, Sister, I don’t want any trouble, and I feel like you’re on the march somehow”(vii). She feels her son is being used as a pawn with no regard for his future or safety exclaming, “My husband would kill that child over a thing like that”(vii). She is not convinced that Sister Aloysius has Donald’s best interest in mind she begins to doubt Sister Aloysius “I don’t know you and me are on the same side”(vii). Mrs. Muller is not disputing the allegations but instead would like to avoid them all together saying, “I think I understand the kind of thing you’re talking about. But I don’t want to get into it” (vii). She has a goal in mind for her son, she would like to see him graduate thru high school onto college and she believes this situation would only cause more difficulties for Donald. Mrs. Muller has decided not to indulge Sister Aloysius and in the end side with Father Flynn, stating “I’ll be standing with my son and those that are good to my son” (vii).
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