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Topics: Pen, Fountain pen, Pens Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: January 30, 2012
There are many themes and issues displayed in the play such as power, conflict, change and doubt. These themes have each got their own purpose to create ‘Doubt’ in the minds of the reader. The picture of the wind in the top right corner of the poster is used to symbolise change. This use of symbolism is shown in the play through stage directions “The sound of wind. Sister Aloysius pulls her shawl lightly about her and goes. After a moment, Sister James goes as well”. The wind storm is a symbol of trouble minds of the characters and troubled times ahead. In particular this windstorm symbolises the mind of Sister James, which is full of confusion and uncertainty after the words of Sister Aloysius. This also foreshadows the future problems that they will encounter in the school. Another theme which is constantly displayed throughout the play is old versus new. This theme is used to depict the context in which the play was set with Sister Aloysius embedded with the ‘old ways’ and Father Flynn embracing the ideas Vatican Two. This theme is shown on the poster with the juxtaposition of the quill pen and the ballpoint pen in the bottom right corner of the poster. This theme is shown with the quotes “I’m sorry I allowed even cartridge pens into the school. The students really should be only learning script with the fountain pens. Always the easy way out these days. What does that teach? Every easy choice today will have its consequence tomorrow. Mark my words”. The ballpoint is a symbol of the doubt Sister Aloysius has for change and progression. Her attitudes towards these types of pens opposed to the traditional fountain pen, displays her doubt in the changing nature of society. By far the most prominent theme in the play is doubt. The composer uses many different techniques to create doubt in the readers mind. He does this by using for and against for both Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn without ever giving actual proof. This is shown with the quote “I have ringed...
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