Double Standards Still Exist

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  • Published : November 11, 2011
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Double Standards: Still Exist
One might say that men and women in this country are equal. Although society has come a long way in granting gender equality double standards still exist. These double standards regarding the different genders weigh down our society and negatively affect our nation's course of equality and freedom. Both men and women are an essential part of society with an equal capability for success. Unfortunately due to stereotypes many are held back from reaching their potential.

Generally women seem to be more negatively affected by double standards. For example, there is a sexual double standard. Sexually active men are often congratulated with a "pat on the back from Dad for hooking up with a girl"(Keehn pg1). Not only is it revolting to know that men are given high-fives for taking the first step in a relationship, it is wrong to know that women are considered a 'slut' for performing in the same behavior as the admired men.(Griffin pg1) Bruce Griffin continues by stating, "As guys, we seem to like [sex] so much, so I've never thought it was different for women, but it's not nearly as OK [for a women] to be open about it." As a result, the world must view men and women alike to stop the sexual double standard. Women have the right to have sex without being ridiculed after the fact. It is a necessity for all people to be treated the same, no matter their actions or the gender.

Moreover , women are faced with a double standard in politics. According to the September 2009 Japan Times edition, "Women need to be three or four times more qualified than a man just to hold the same position." In other words, women need to work harder at their careers and in turn are faced with more challenges for the same job as a man. Only 17 percent of the members in the members in the US congress are women. This in turn ranksthe USA 83rd out of all the countries in the World. Kumiko Shindo, a social sciences professor at the Toyo Eiwa...
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