Double Standards in Zorba the Greek

Topics: Prostitution, Sexual intercourse, Monk Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Double Standards in Religious Institutions in Zorba the Greek

As pointed out by Zaharia, one of the monks, the monks were very corrupt.

In the novel, there was a sexual relationship between the monk, Demetrios, and his student, Gavrili. After Zorba becomes aware of this hypocritical relationship he is desperate to leave the monastery quickly in order to preserve his pure view of it.

Demetrios killed Gavrili later on, demonstrating his desperation to cover up his actions and his knowledge that what he did would not be accepted by the rest.

Zaharia, tired of the corruption and injustices taking place in the monastery, later burned it down.

Double Standards in Contemporary Churches
2008- Michael Reid, a Bishop, resigned from his role of a pastor after admitting to an eight year marital sexual relationship.

2008-Joe Barron, a minister at Prestonwood Baptist Church, was arrested after soliciting a minor. He was charged with engaging in sexual relations with a thirteen-year-old girl he had met online.

2008- Michael Guglielmucci spent two years claiming he was a terminally ill patient battline cancer. He preached about his sickness and strength and performed songs he had written, usually while wearing an oxygen mask. It was discovered that he had been faking the cancer in order to conceal symptons of stress created by an addiction to child porgrnography.

2010- Goerge Alan Rekers was discovered to have brought a twenty year old “rent boy,” known in the United States as a male prostitute, back from his extended overseas trip.

2010- Eddie L Long had several civil complaints filed against him. Men complained he had utilized his position as the head of the church to entice or force male church members into relationships in exchange for money, travel, and goods.

2012- Kong Hee, a pastor was arrested and charged for having misappropriated over fifty million dollars.
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