Double Standards Essay

Topics: Gender, Sex, Female Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Woman and Men have many differences in their attitudes, feelings and lifestyles. They both look at each other differently than they treat those of their same sex. Many distinctions that are to be males or females can cause double standards in the society surrounding us today. For one both men and women are constantly concerned about appearances. With the ever changing trends, one is always trying to make themselves look good, even though physically they are different. Males are supposed to be big, strong, and athletic. Females are supposed to be thin, pretty, and have a good figure. More females feel the pressure of looks because of the competition they are faced with is stressful and painful. The males do not have as much stress which allows them to focus on their own health and ways to improve it. The males do not spend much time on worrying how they look to other guys. Females are vicious, if a group of women are together they will talk about others and how they look and what they should or should not look like. They stare and make comments even if they do not realize it. I have been in many situations as this, since I have been a larger child through adult. I do not understand why people feel that by talking about others it is going to make them any better. Think of the effects it has on others. Not everyone is made to look and act the same. Everyone is different even though society feels that everyone should follow the same mold for each male and female. Why do other women talk about other women whom they are not looking to impress? I never did understand that one. Unless I am gay, why would I need to impress those of the same sex? I think that is why males do not get as stressed about these same topics. They do not have stress based on looks or actions towards other males. The double standard is seen between how a guy and a girl have to look good for their peers and other people. Sexuality has some great confusion for both male and females. The double...
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