Double Standards

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: May 12, 2013
“SLUT!” She hears it over and over, repeating in her head. After the party last Friday, everyone seems to think differently of her; boys act kinder, while girls act disgusted. Who can she turn to? All of her friends and parents hold a standard for her that she’s already stooped below, but is it fair? Many girls, especially in high school, experience the effects of the sexual double standard. Even though the double standard has evolved over time, both men and women still deal with the positive and negative effects of their peers’ judgments and assumptions.

The double standard has modified itself due to the opinions of others and now can be characterized by using the ‘old’ definition or the ‘new’ definition, but both give males more sexual freedom than females. Sheeran and Spears quoted Sprecher, McKinney, and Orbuch when explaining the old and new definition of the double standard. Sprecher, McKinney, and Orbuch said that the old double standard was defined as, “sexual intercourse outside of marriage was acceptable for men and not for women” (Sheeran, Spears 3), and the double standard is now defined as, “intercourse outside of marriage is acceptable for both sexes but under more restrictive circumstances, such as love or engagement for women” (Sheeran, Spears 3). In other words, the sexual guidelines for females appear stricter, harsher, and more serious (Parallel structure) than for males. In fact (Conjunctive Adverb), females often are reprimanded socially for acting sexually in a way that others see unacceptable while males are rewarded for the same behavior (Adverb clause). In conclusion, it’s easy to see that even though the definition of the double standard has changed over time, women are still judged unfairly compared to males with the same sexual experience.

The self-impact and result of the double standard on the reputation and peer relationships of males resemble a positive effect. For example, because “…men have more sexual freedom, whereas women...
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