Double Shift

Topics: Mother, Shift work, Family Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: February 1, 2011
Being a mother is a job of its own, in consequence being a working mother is an even greater job. It never dawned on me that mothers work a second shift. Second shift work is the unpaid work women do after their paid work is done. You will think that as adults, we all have responsibilities and duties, but men responsibilities and duties differ a great deal from women. As difficult as it is for woman to maintain due to inequality, you will think that once home, a mother can at least lie down and rest, however that impossible in this patriarchy world.

Once upon a time, the role of a wife was only to cook, clean, and care. Without a doubt, changes have occurred and women entered the workforce. Nowadays, due to the expensive cost of living and/or the unreasonable number of single parent mothers, it is a must work to help provide for their families. This is where the double shift comes into play because they are still expected to cook, clean, and care, even if there is help around-the man.

All mothers must accept the fact that there will never be a dull moment. From birth to kindergarten or elementary school, mothers have to reconcile job and family, frequently suffering from strain, partner conflicts, feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and chronic lack of time (Harsch 2006). But, a real caring, loving mother wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Minsky (2006, p. 14) expressed, “The mommy part of me was never going to take the backseat to the writer side of me.” Although, a career is important to achieve, I love women who are willing to take the mommy track-being a mother is primary, and career is secondary like Terri Minsky.

In my household, money is always a major issue and because my father was known as the provider he had to work day in and day out. Although, he made double the income than my mother, it I still necessary for my mother work as well, for extra. I never, until learning this subject, realized the demanding work of my mother. Of course, I knew there...
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